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  • Geting to a Query Screen

    The process to get a query window open (for an oracle db) is fairly long (elapsed time) and multiple steps.

    Currently, I have to:
    1. double click the connection to connect
    2. wait to the connect
    3. double click the default schema
    4. wait to connect to the schema
    5. then hit cmd+y or click on query and cmd+n

    This is a pretty long process just to get to a query window. Since my default schema is determined by the login I use, having to perform that extra step is annoying. Perhaps it makes sense on other databases, but I assume those users would prefer a sensible default.

    Is there a shortcut, that only requires a single action, to get to a query window? If not, please add one. If you need suggestions, a way to save a shortcut (or an AlfredApp workflow on the Mac) that would open the app, connect to a particular database, and open the query window would be great.

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    Navicat has improved to provide a shortcut for user to create query. You can simply open a connection and then click the shortcut button from the tab bar. You can refer to attached screenshot. We will keep improving Navicat in the future.
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