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    I have several features I wish were available. I'll list by associated screenshot number:

    1. Ability to export date values in Excel files without the time component (Oracle date fields). Currently there is an option to view dates this way in the data grid, however that setting doesn't have any impact on how the data gets exported. You still get a bunch of zeros on every date.

    2, 3. Image 2 shows an export of a query result using Navicat. Image 3 shows an export of a query result using Toad for Oracle. Navicat adds an apostrophe in order to avoid Excel chopping off the leading zeros. However, in doing so, some of the values, within a single column, become text, and others numbers. It should be consistent throughout, or sorting and formatting problems occur (as you can see). There appears to be no way to change this behavior. Toad doesn't add the apostrophe but still keeps the leading zeros and this avoids the formatting issue. In addition, Navicat sometimes chops off leading zeros, I do not know in what situations specifically so I cannot identify the exact cause, but it happens from time to time.

    4, 5. SQL formatter -- there are almost no settings to customize how the beautifier formats your code other than the margin. Other applications give you a significant ability to customize how the sql gets formatted. The formatting is very primitive and suffers significantly in queries that have a lot of inline views or nested subqueries. In addition, using certain table aliases such as the letter 'a', when formatting the query, results in a space between the alias and the period. In other words "a.fieldname" becomes "a .fieldname". This is honestly unbearable.

    6 (no picture). "Copy to Excel" option. In PL/SQL Developer if you right click the data grid -- of a query result -- you can click "Copy to Excel" and the result will immediately open up in an Excel document, saved as a temporarily file, which you can then save to a specified directory. Currently in Navicat there are at least ten clicks of the mouse (see below) required in order to save a query result to Excel. In other applications this can be done in 2 clicks. The export operation also appears dramatically slow when exporting certain queries, even with small result sets. For example I just ran a query that returned 58 rows and it took 27 seconds to export to Excel (not including the 10 clicks necessary for it to start). In other applications such as PL/SQL Developer or Toad the same export is instantaneous. I understand this is not a 'feature' request, per se, but am just pointing out that the speed, not only in terms of the number of clicks needed to export anything, but for the export to actually finish, could also be improved.

    1 -- hit export
    2 -- hit Excel / xlsx
    3 -- hit next
    4 -- click export to dialog
    5 -- navigate to desired folder
    6 -- click save
    7 -- hit next
    8 -- check off 'include column titles' (appears to be no way to make this the default so you have to do it every time)
    9 -- hit next
    10 -- hit start

    Thank you for considering any such features.

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    Thanks for your valuable suggestions and detailed description. Your requests have been forwarded to our development team. We will keep improving Navicat in future.

    To copy the result from grid to Excel, please try to select the data in grid and press CTRL+C, and then, press CTRL+V to paste in Excel.

    For more information, please refer to the video "How to copy and paste data in Navicat? (Windows & Linux)" -