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  • Minor feature requests

    3 feature requests and 1 question:

    1) Have a "recycle bin" for deleted units (queries, tables, etc.). There's nothing worse than accidentally deleting a query on which I've spent hours working.

    2) In Schedule, add a filter/option for "weekdays only" to the Task Scheduler

    3) For any dialog box that pops up, add the ability to use "hot keys" to select one of the buttons. For example in the screenshot: It would great if I could hit the "N" key to select "Don't Save". For those of us who are keyboard shortcut fans, this feature would be great.

    And the question: When oh when is the Pro plan for Navicat Cloud going to be available?!?

    Thank you!
    Dialog box

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    Thanks for your suggestion. All your requests have been forwarded to our development team. We will keep improving Navicat in future.

    For the Pro Plan question, please be advised that the Navicat Cloud pricing plan will be released soon. However, we do not have a solid time frame for it yet.