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Connection Settings Path needs to be set/defaulted globally

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  • Connection Settings Path needs to be set/defaulted globally

    Everytime I add a new connection I need to manually set the "Connection Settings" Path. Why can't I set this globally (like the other Paths)? At least as default behavior, and if someone needs to customize it on a connection basis he can still do so manually.

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    Please note that if you leave the Settings Location path to blank, Navicat will set it to a default location when you create the new connection.

    The default location for MySQL conenction is like, e.g:

    For Windows,

    C:\Users\os_user_name\Documents\Navicat\MySQL\serv ers\connection_name

    For Mac,

    /Users/os_user_name/Library/Application Support/PremiumSoft CyberTech/Navicat for MySQL/connection_name


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      Thank you for replying - yes that is correct, but I do not want to save it on that folder but in another - so basically I want to change that pre-setting. How can I do that? Currently its only possible if I change it manually each time.
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        I am sorry that Navicat does not allow users to change the default Settings Location at the moment. Your request has been forwarded to our development team. Thanks for your advice.