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Add socket support for SSH tunneling

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  • Add socket support for SSH tunneling

    It seems that is impossible to connect to postgresql socket when using the SSH tunnelling.
    Please enable use to use it, allowing us to specify a socket name.

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    Could you please provide your Navicat version?
    e.g. Navicat for PosgreSQL (Windows) 11.1.13


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      Was Navicat Premium (OS X) 11.1.1601 ... which suddenly "expired" two weeks ago, see ticket ZIG-41946.

      Based on the expirience with support from the last two weeks, I doubt i would advise anyone to make any purchase from Navicat.


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        Hi Sorin,

        We’re very sorry about your bad experience. For the reported license issue, we are investigating on it now and will contact you if there is any news.

        For the socket settings, could you please describe it in more details? Do you mean the "Use socket file" option in the Connection's Advanced tab?


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          Interesting; I haven't been able to connect to the MySQL database we just took over, on a site that requires SSH. I'm running Navicat Version 12.0.11 64 bit Windows 10 MySQL 5.7. (My friend who built the database runs SQLPro on OS/X.) I set the target machine's IP, port 22, and the user account name and password on the SSH connection setup panel; does the database name, port, user name and password on the General tab apply? I've added the database name, port 3306, and the database user name and password to the General panel; still can't connect. Software error processing initial logon packet. Thanks
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            Hi Liston,

            Would you please provide us the following information for investigation? Please send the information to our support center -

            1. Screenshots showing your connection settings (General, Advanced and SSH tabs)

            2. Screenshots showing all error messages you received.


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              Done; thanks - except I forgot to include the Advanced tab; I took the defaults on that one


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                On the chance this is useful, the Host Name/IP Address: on the edit connection general tab should be or localhost. Shows how little I know about Secure SHell. (Not yet connected, but I don't think it's Navicat at this point.)
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