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  • Some features from PLSQL Developer


    I am using both PLSQL developer and Navicat Premium in my work. I can work with various database within one tool, and there are some convenient functions, it is cool.

    But there are some good aspects that we can borrow from PLSQL developer:
    1. In data grid view, when I click a cell, I want to see it's comment in the status bar, rathan than the whole select sql.
    2. In data grid view, there should be a "sql" button besides the export button, which I can use to export the sql from what I make in the filter.
    3. In sql query view, after I input a table name, I can use "ctrl + left mouse" click to open the design view of the table.
    4. In sql query view, the green execute button should set " execute selected sql" as default, because we usually write more than one sql in a view, and it becomes very dangeous if we just click the button whereas there has an update or delete sql.
    5. In table design view, please put column comments to the right of every column, it will make things easier.
    6. In table design view, the "sql preview" tab should display the whole DDL sql of creating the table, including create, index and etc.

    Thanks for your hard work.


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    Thanks for your suggestions. Your requests have been forwarded to our development team. We will consider them in future.