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Remember freeze columns, Export 1 record, & Copy as - with vertical format

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  • Remember freeze columns, Export 1 record, & Copy as - with vertical format

    Thank you for an awesome tool. I love Navicat for MySQL!

    3 things that would be helpful...

    1) Remember the Freeze columns when set for a table. If I freeze 3 columns for a table, it's kind of a drag to have to freeze them each time i open the table.

    2) Export needs a 3rd option (to export the current record only). Many times, I just want to export 1 record. I'd rather not have to set a filter first.

    3) The Copy as feature, would be nice if it had a "Copy single record in vertical format (with data and field names)", option. Right now, you only have horizontal format. Many times, I need to analyze a problem record, and to be able to print it out with all the data and any long text in a vertical format.

    Thanks for considering these, and for a great tool.

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    Thanks for your suggestion. Would you please provide us your Navicat version? e.g. Navicat for MySQL (Mac OS X) 11.2.14


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      My version is: navicat for MySQL 11.2.13 (on windows 10)

      Regarding my suggestion #3 above, I found that using Export to json format, and then printing the json from another program, gives me a vertical format I can use when I need to print a specific record with all it's data on a page.

      I still think an additional option to Export just the "currently selected record" (so we don't have to set a filter first), would be helpful when you prompt to export "all records" or "current xxx records". Often times I just want to export a single record.

      One more suggestion if I may, since the Export feature does not remember the output folder location you select, please consider adding a "Default Export folder" to the Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > Files Location settings. Right now, it always defaults to "Desktop".

      Thanks again for your fantastic tool!


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        Thanks for your advice. You requests have been forwarded to our development team. We will keep improving Navicat in future.