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Drag Fields for Arrangement, Dark Themes, and Refresh Keyboard Shortcut

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  • Drag Fields for Arrangement, Dark Themes, and Refresh Keyboard Shortcut


    I use Navicat everyday for Mac OS X at work, I loved it so much that I bought Navicat Premium for my home PC running on Windows 10. I was pretty disappointed in some of the issues I've encountered, one being that on Windows Navicat looks and feels very different than on Mac OS X. Plus there appears to be some pretty major workflow features on OS X that doesn't exist in the Windows version. One of the keys reasons why I ended up buying Navicat.

    I would like to request the following:

    1. (For Windows) The lack of being able to reorganize the Fields in the "Design Table" by dragging them is a very huge disappointment. This feature DOES exist in Mac OS X, but it doesn't exist in Windows. Why not? This was one of the best features of this application especially since I have to, half the time, work with large data sets in the hundreds of Fields that I need to reorganize. In OS X I can just drag them into order and Save, on Windows I need to select a single Field and then click up and down on the interface icons to move it. This is going to impede my workflow.

    Please add basic dragging to the Fields in Design Table.

    2. (For Windows) Another feature missing in the Windows version of Navicat that is available in the OS X version is the Keyboard Shortcut for Refresh. On OS X hitting Command + R will refresh the viewer. In Windows, the equivalent command it does nothing. In fact no command does it. This also impedes workflow.

    3. (For Windows + OS X -- Or All Versions) Please add the ability to create themes, especially dark themes. Right now, especially on the Windows version, it's pretty blinding with it being all white. The contrast is bad, the UI looks clunky; on Windows it feels like I am working with a Windows '95 application. On Mac OS X, while it's also still too bright, at least it has better contrast, softer accent colors and the UI is much cleaner. I was surprised -- and disappointed -- at the major visual differences between the OS X and Windows 10 versions of Navicat.

    I bought Navicat Premium for Windows because I expected it to match that of the OS X version -- it doesn't. It actually feels like I bought a downgrade to Navicat.

    For Windows I currently have Navicat Premium 11.2.16 (64-Bit).

    Please consider these feature requests. Thank you.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Your request has been forwarded to our developmenmt team. We will contact you if there is any news.

    For refresh in windows version, please try to press F5.