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Drag columns / table names. quick sort, result history

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  • Drag columns / table names. quick sort, result history

    It would be very useful to allow in thw query window the ability to drag table/view ames into the query. Also to drag column names from a result into the query window to prevent typing every element out or waiting for auto complete.

    Also in result sets if you could quick sort at the column level by clicking the column name

    Useful would be multiple tabs of result sets. a fixed number of tabs cold hold old versions of results sets to make comparison easier rather then overwrite the one and only result window each execution

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    I am glad to tell you that Navicat Windows version 12.0.8 has been released and included the Identifiers pane on the right side for adding tables, views and columns to editor. Please upgrade to this latest version, you can simply choose Help -> Check for Updates from the menu bar.

    I have forwarded the quick sort and result history suggestions to our development team. We will keep improving Navicat in future.