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    1) supporting for source control for queries AND databases
    2) query location - container it most wrong place for store code
    3) CRUD generation for table - script as INSERT/SELECT/UPDATE
    4) Debug for MySQL
    5) Database search not only by data and structure - search in text of procedure/triggers/function. Search for object usage and dependencies
    6) For premium - compare structure and data between different database types ( PostgreSQL <-> MS SQL as example). Synchronisation work only for same database type but often - we do not need sync, we need compare
    7) connections and queries (if not external folders) - must have more than 1 level of hierarchy
    8) when save query and ask for location - at least add "group" as well
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    Thanks for your suggestions. I have forwarded them to our development team.

    For generating Insert/Update script, currently, you can open your table, right-click selected records and choose Copy As > Insert Statement / Update Statement