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missing values - blank vs null

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  • missing values - blank vs null

    ANSI SQL won't save a blank as a missing value in a numeric field; MySQl does (ugh!); unfortunately Excel doesn't differentiate. If we could save the choice made in the import wizard's Please select a desired import mode. - Advanced option stick as the default going forward, it would help. Similar problem with blank text fields; missing values, and blanks in enumerated columns.

    Really love V12! Nice work!


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    Hi Liston,

    Do you mean you want set the "Use Empty String as NULL" option to default enabled?

    Also, could you please provide your Navicat version? e.g. Navicat for MySQL (Windows) 12.0.10 64-bit


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      Hi - yes. We get both nulls and blanks from Excel when there's no data in the field; totally different in SQL. I can fix this in numeric fields with a default null, but you can write blanks into a varchar even though the default is null. If a text value is unknown, it's not blank.

      Also: the date order select for the import wizard ("You can define some additional options"); the previous version defaulted to US style MDY (don't know why) but in version 12 I need to fix this every time; interesting results when I forget.

      I'm on 12.0.11 64 bit - really love it, and that's from an MS SQL background. Odd, I subscribed to this, but didn't get an e-mail...
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        Hi Liston,

        Your request has been forwarded to our development team. We will keep improving Navicat in future.