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Suggestion: Don't Hide The Deactivate Button On The Registration Form

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  • Suggestion: Don't Hide The Deactivate Button On The Registration Form

    Just for clarification, I'm using Navicat for MySQL V 11.2 and the problem described below has occurred several times since Navicat switched to the "Phone Home" licensing schema.

    Basically, the problem is that I'll launch Navicat and right out of the blue, receive the default "Activation" message, i.e.; You must Activate Navicat before your Trial expires.

    Well, Navicat was previously Activated and working fine - for further clarification, I am NOT using it on any other computer and have NOT shared my Registration Key.

    According to your website, I should "Deactivate" Navicat before uninstalling it, but then again, I never uninstalled it. Once it's been Deactivated like this, the Deactivate button is replaced with an "Activate" button, which prevents users from simply Deactivating the Registration Key and then Reactivating it.

    In my case, I went through support, but it took over two weeks to get the problem resolved, along with the admonition about Deactivating it <sigh>

    So my request is simple enough - don't hide the Deactivate button on the Registration form...leave it in place so folks who encounter this problem can Deactivate it and then Reactivate it without going through support.

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    The reported problem should be caused by Windows Update. Our development team is investigating ways to import it. We will contact you if there is any news.

    We are very sorry for the inconveniences caused.