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Request: Keyboard Shortcut for Run Current Statement

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  • Request: Keyboard Shortcut for Run Current Statement

    Hi there. About once a month I find myself searching Navicat's website and the Internet hoping to find a feature.

    To me it really does not matter what the actual keys are for the keyboard shortcut. I might suggest SHIFT-CTRL-[anything available]. When I use this keyboard shortcut, it would run everything between the last semicolon and the next semicolon. Here is an example:

    select widget_name
    from table_a
    where widget_id = 200;
    select person_name
    from table_b     ****CURSOR IS HERE****
    where person_id = 299;
    select company_name
    from table_c;
    Pretend my cursor is where ****CURSOR IS HERE***. When this keyboard shortcut is entered, it will find the last semicolon (if there is not one, it runs from the beginning), the next semicolon (if there is not one it runs to the end), and it runs just that snippet of code.

    My result when running this would obviously be person_name. It would ignore the statement above and below what is currently being worked on.

    This is the same as doing a right-click and selecting "run current statement". But would make it much more accessible for advanced users.
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    Hi andyberry,

    Thanks for your suggestion and the detailed description. Your request has been forwarded to our development team. We will keep improving Navicat in future and will contact you there is any news.