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  • DDL comparison in external tool

    The structure synchronization in Navicat shows two panes with DDL on the DDL Comparison tab. However, there is no indication of which lines (or parts of the lines) in the DDL differ. I think it would be very helpful - until Navicat gets such feature - to be able to pass the DDL contents of the two panes as temp files to an external tool of user's choosing defined in Navicat settings. I use ExammDiffPro, but there are also free ones, like the one that comes with Tortoise SVN.

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    Hi tkimovski,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I have forwarded your request to our development team. They will consider it.


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      Thank you for the consideration. This is an example of a "low-hanging fruit", where the implementation effort required by Navicat is small, but the benefit for the end-user is significant. The heavy-lifting is still upon the third-party app, whereas Navicat is to only prepare and pass the input temp files to it.


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        Hi, I wanted to touch base on this feature request which is quite simple for implementation and yet so powerful when deciding whether to deploy the change in structure or not. When deploying the Structure Sync diff result, it's very important to verify what changes are going to be done to the destination database. Currently, Navicat does not highlight the differences between the source and destination and finding the differences by eyeballing is hard and prone to errors. All that is required to make this process easier and safer is adding a button "Compare in External Tool" which when clicked will create two temp files in the file system with the contents of the left and right panel and pass those two file path as arguments to the external diff tool. Thank you.


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          Hi tkimovski,

          Our development team will consider your request in the next major version. We will contact you if any progress is made.