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Navicat Licenses Expire Buyer Beware

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  • Navicat Licenses Expire Buyer Beware

    We have using Navicat for 8 years and now all of our licenses have stopped working. This has prevented all of our scheduled tasks from running and now our website is out of date.

    I have submitted 2 tickets with no response to figure out what is going on. We purchased another license to try and get it working but our import jobs are in the old version that we can no longer open. The jobs took days to setup so this is a huge loss.

    I would suggest that folks be careful about purchasing Navicat in production environments because of the lack of support and undependable licensing system.

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    We are sorry to hear of the unpleasant experience you have encountered. Could you please advise the sales ticket number ?


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      I have been using the product for about ten years... i recently did a re-install on my windows 7 machine and it is now asking me to activate a product which is activated and paid for. I only use this on one machine!!!!


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        Could you please provide the registered e-mail for checking?


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          I got hit by the same thing, over night, not software upgrade or anything, just got the expired message. Clear not a nice experience.

          Update: 10 days later and two support tickets opened. Still the Expired message problem was not solved.
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