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Sort columns asc/desc and async result loading.

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  • Sort columns asc/desc and async result loading.

    Looking for a new database management/query tool and just downloaded navicat. Couple of newbie questions.

    Is there a way to double click on a column in the result window and have it sort asc/desc like in oracle developer? Without adding an order by clause of course.

    And is there a way to have the results fetch on scroll, it takes forever to run otherwise? For example in oracle developer, running a query only returns 150 results at a time and then loads more when you scroll to the bottom of the results. I am copying and pasting these queries to and from applications and having to add and remove limits and offsets is really annoying.

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    I am sorry that our query feature does not support sorting column/limiting number of records in Result tab. Currently, please use the ORDER BY and LIMIT clauses to sort or limit the records. Your request has been forwarded to our development team. Thanks for your suggestion.


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      I just moved from MySQL Workbench to Navicat and was surprised that sorting query results by double-clicking on a column header is not part of the current functionality. Am I missing something where this has been addressed in a different way?


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        I am sorry that Navicat does not support sorting the query results by clicking the column header. Currently, please use the ORDER BY clause to sort the records.