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Install Latest Version on OS X not Working

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  • Install Latest Version on OS X not Working

    I've been using Navicat for MySQL Lite on OS X for a few years. I decided to evaluate the latest version, mainly for the graphical query building capability it offers. I installed it from navicat111_mysql_en.dmg and now neither version works properly. MySQL is definitely running and I can connect to it from the command line and from MySQL Workbench.

    Within Navicat I can connect to MySQL using New Connection -> Test Connection but clicking OK does not appear to save the connection. I say appear to save it because 1) the connection isn't active as far as the application is concerned, but 2) I can see the connection I attempted to save in the Export Connections window. I can also see these named connections in Tools -> Server Monitor.

    I tried everything I could think of, including removing the Navicat for MySQL Lite application, along with it's associated folder in ~/Library/Application Support.

    I similarly removed all traces of Navicat for MySQL and reinstalled. I've closed the application, deleted ~/Library/Application Support/PremiumSoft CyberTech/preference.plist, restarted, and these "phantom" connection reappear, albeit in unusable form.

    I'm beginning to wonder if this product actually works on OS X. Can someone help me get this working?

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    Do you mean you are unable to see the saved connection in Navicat 11 main window? If yes, please check whether the connection tree is hidden or not. Choose View -> Show Connection Tree. If it is not checked, please enable it to see if it can solve the problem.