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    On the features matrix fo​r Navicat for SQLite, it says that the Modeller in the Enterprise Edition supports ER diagram notations. On the trial downloads page it says that the trial edition is identical to the Enterprise edition but I have downloaded the trial and the Modeller features available do not appear to have any notation capability. Am I missing something? I have also downloaded the Modeller trial and the ER notations available in that product suit me fine... if you could confirm that the Enterprise Edition incorporates that functionality you could have a happy customer!


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    Hi Morphaniel,

    Please provide the following information:

    1. Do you mean the Diagram Notation (e.g. IDEF1X)?

    2. Are you using the Model feature in Navicat for SQLite?

    3. Would you please provide us screenshots showing the issue and which feature you are using?


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      Yes, I have a trial edition of Navicat for SQLite and I am looking for a crows feet diagrammer (the crows feet diagrammer in your Modeller product works fine.) Click image for larger version

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      I've attached a screensho​t, which illustrates that my entity relationships are displayed just as straight lines - I cannot find any setting that gives me a choice of visual notation.



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        Please note that the trial version is identical to Enterprise Edition. According to your screenshot, you are using the ER Diagram feature which does not support changing Diagram Notation. Changing Diagram Notation is only supported in the Model feature. Please try to use the Model feature in Navicat for SQLite. You can right-click your database and choose Reverse Database to Model.


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          You're right! It's a bit confusing to have two diagramming features in the product with the ER Diagram feature running off a button called 'Model' and the Model feature hidden off the main ribbon but now that I have found it, it works fine for me. I will spend some time with it - thanks...