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Some questions before purchasing.

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  • Some questions before purchasing.


    we are interested in purchasing Navicat for PostgreSQL because it has most of the features we need for development.
    The only things we noticed that doesn't suit our needs are the following and i wanted to ask if these things are planned or maybe already available.

    1. When editing/viewing a view/function/procedure it would be nice to be able to jump to the used tables/views via some kind of shortcut. In most other tools this is possible via pressing CTRL+clicking on the table/view. There is also the "Using" Tab in the Information Pane that could be used for this. Currently nothing happens if you right click the tables in this View but it would be nice if you could open the reference via a context menu.

    2. When editing a view by pressing "Design View" on the view and adding a column to the view Navicat tries to drop the view which doesn't work when it is being referenced elsewhere. In newer Versions of PostgreSQL its possible to add columns to a view by just calling "CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW XXX AS ..." instead of "CREATE VIEW XXX AS ...". Would be nice to be able to change this somehow as view editing has to be done by hand every time its referenced somewhere.

    I was trying all this with the current Trial Version of Navicat for PostgreSQL.

    Thx in advance.

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    Hi Thomas,

    Sorry for the late reply. Your request has been forwarded to our development team. However, we do not have time frame for supporting your request at this moment. We will keep improving Navicat in future and contact you if there is any news.

    Would you please describe more about what you mean by "view editing has to be done by hand every time its referenced somewhere" ? Could you please provide us some examples?